Wednesday, August 25, 2010

1st Day of First grade

Mark and I decided that after a year of homeschooling, we would give private school a chance and compare the two options. Yesterday was Emma's first day of First grade. She could hardly wait until school began. Me on the other hand dreaded it. I did pretty good until a friend of mine asked how i was doing...that was it for me. Tears began to fall and I couldn't hold them back anymore. As the day went on, i felt better...still missed her and prayed for her all day. She came home a very happy girl and couldn't wait until today, her second day of first grade.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

She lost her first tooth

Must be that when you turn 6, you lose a tooth. Emma lost her first tooth yesterday while eating a hamburger. Thankfully, she did not swallow it, but she was thrilled when she realized that it was her tooth she bit on. She had a hard time letting it go last night, so we are keeping it for a bit until she's ready to give it to the tooth fairy. Still not sure about that whole concept, the tooth fairy, but I'll be as vague about it as possible.

Golden Birthday

Emma is now officially six and growing into a beautiful young lady. I love her sweetness, her generosity, her gentle and loving spirit. I look at her so often and am grateful for the gift she is to Mark and I...I can't imagine life without her.

Our theme this year was....GOLD. We panned for gold and had a treasure hunt. Although the weather was not the greatest, the Lord did give us some sun to warm us up. It went by fast and Emma, as always, enjoyed her day. It only happens once in a lifetime...your Golden birthday, hopefully she will remember it.

I love you little peanut!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Getting ear's pierced

Emma's Golden birthday is this Thursday...we came up with a good idea, Emma and her best friend Lillie would get their ear's pierced in honor of Emma's Golden birthday. This was planned at least a month in advance. Throughout the month I would continue to remind her and tell her about the piercing. She understood that it would accompany pain, but was excited about it, as was Lillie. So, on Saturday, the big day finally came. Emma very excited and Lillie apprehensive, but willing. It was a cute scenario, when Lillie was scared and crying, Emma tried to comfort her. When Emma was upset, Lillie would try to comfort her. Emma was the first to go...when the situation got real serious, that's when Emma started to get upset and cry. I have to be honest, I was nervous for heart was beating just as fast as hers was...but i'm happy to say, Emma did it and is very excited to tell people she has her ears pierced. Lillie did wonderful too, tears were shed, but both girls are very happy and excited that they now have their ear's pierced.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Forgive me, I'm turning into my mother when I do things like this. I had to post some pictures of when we had ice on our trees. It's so beautiful to me, although it can cause terrible damage to trees and plants. Thankfully, no harm done to ours. This is for you mom!

Christmas...round two.

On Christmas morning, the four of us had our family time together and then later that morning we headed over to Ann and Doug's for Christmas. I'm going to post a lot of pictures mostly for Jared...he was not able to be with us this year...we missed you Jared. We had a wonderful time together and was sad to think that this one day that you look forward to for an entire year is gone so quickly.

Christmas on Christmas Eve

We had a wonderful Christmas this year, although, once again, Joshua got croup, but was well enough to be a part of the festivities. We had great food and most of all, it was wonderful to be with family. Some pictures include Uncle Mark torturing his nephews. As always, no matter what, the cousins have a blast being together. At the end of the night, auntie Ang read the kids, those that would pay attention, the story of "The Night before Christmas."